Choosing suit color is easy, but something goes wrong when we have to match the color of tie with suit. An art is used when we have to match the color of shirt with tie and this is something which is going around from many years.

We all are grown up watching movies, sports, and read many articles related to mens tailored suitsWe also have attended football and basketball games, but we never tried to learn the theory of color matching of all player uniform. I thing we never show more interest in knowing more about it.

Normally, the closer a layer to body, the easier to match.  We are now layers beneath to match and contrast against.

In this article, I am going to explain how to match the shirt color with tie perfectly by using simple methods:

“Color theory- Matching tie colors to your shirts and suits”

The first thing to match a tie with the shirt is color. Color choice varies from person to person. Hence, we use color wheel, which gives us a great combination for understanding color. It is divided into two parts-warm and cool colors.

Warm colors exhibit vibrancy such as red, orange and yellow.
While, cooler colors are associated with calm, relax such as blue, green and purple. The color wheel allows us to harmonize colors. Harmony is the process of creating a balanced look.

Down here we are going to explain about the harmony of colors, when we have to wear warm color against the cool color.

The large color wheels are divided into two parts, warm and cool colors. Using the color wheel, we can create color schemes which help us to achieve the important concepts of harmony. Below the list have given which is showing how the lower intensity color is working in contrast to bolder color schemes.

 Monochromatic color scheme:

A monochromatic color scheme is safe and give more charming look to your personality and can be used from work, to presentations, meetings and even in more formal occasion like wedding.

This is the easiest and best way to do experimenting with color and also the most conservative color schemes. A monochromatic color scheme can match darker variants with lighter variants. For example, a navy tie wearing with light blue shirt or burgundy tie with pink shirt. It will allow you to keep in comfort and sophisticated zone, without losing your comfort zone.

Analogous color scheme: 

The next step to make you look trim and smart, by an analogous color scheme. It is one step bolder than the monochromatic color scheme. It will allow you to choose the adjacent colors on the color wheel. An analogous color means wearing tie either of cool or warm colors, will not introduce harmony, it will not able to provide the sophistication level.

For example, wearing a purple tie or olive green tie with blue shirt.
Analogous color schemes are soothing to human`s eye. Hence, they can be wearing at work and in social meetings.

Triadic Color Schemes

A triadic color scheme allows you to choose color that will form triangle along the color wheel. It maintains a balance between the warm and cool color. Red, blue, yellow, Orange and purple are the triadic color. This color schemes involve both warm and cool colors, their contrast is not strong as complementary color schemes. A triadic color is attractive, and a great way to introduce color more vibrantly in your wardrobe.

The triadic color is something which has been experimented by everyone. The red tie looks good with blue shirt, or a mustard yellow. It is highly professional yet versatile scheme, and can be used at work, in professional meetings, and in some formal occasions like weddings or house-warming party.

Complementary colors 

The complementary colors are opposite colors across the color wheel, and they are highly contrasting. Thought blue complementary color is orange and red complementary color is green and yellow complementary color is purple. The complementary colors are perfect in explaining the concept of warm and cool colors. Here we are pairing the warm and cool colors which offer strong visual contrast, since these colors provide the most pop.

These colors are best suited in social meetings, as they give bold look and might look inappropriate for the work or in professional meetings.

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Latest lifestyle and fashion trends have combined to slow encourage men to appreciate jewelry as part of their still limited arsenal of accessories. From single-earring fad of rockers in the late 20th century to the full on bling of hip-hoppers in the 21st century, using jewelry as accessories have become more widely accepted among men than ever. Despite this slow but sure evolution, most men still at a loss about the factors to consider buying something as simple as Lord Bracelet.
The fact that a man can show his trend in an area that has a different way of life is what motivates most men to wear such jewelry. When you're on the go, you can wear a simple gentleman Bracelet to represent your heritage and culture of the foreign country.
It is important to note that the width, thickness and length of the wristband for men might affect their cost. Bracelet with adjustable buckles and stretchable materials are available to accommodate men's wrist sizes. Comparison shopping with the sellers' websites is a good idea to get the best prices possible. Men do not depend on women's sense of style to decide which bracelet suits them best. Purchasing these bracelets is literally as easy as long as they can rely on their own judgment.

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